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The product is widely used in machinery, electrical (electrical), communications, glass, logistics, machinery and electronics, ceramic building materials, hardware electrical appliances, precision instruments and other industries of product transportation and packaging, the product appearance smooth, smooth and beautiful, strong and durable, steel belt box, with a bearing capacity of large, moth free characteristics. Suitable for export companies and many domestic companies because of heavy products and inconvenient manual handling, to manufacturers have brought a lot of transportation and storage convenience. Features of folding coaming box: 1, a variety of combination, easy to operate, convenient and safe, according to the height of the contents to determine the use of layers, nailless operation, wood packing box, 2, recycling, long service life, low comprehensive cost 3, the enclosure frame and lid are easy to repair, low maintenance cost; Foldable, small footprint, low transportation cost. 4, stable performance, meet all kinds of logistics transportation requirements; Multiple components can be selected for application Steel belt cases, steel belt detachable wooden cases, also called quick cases, are very popular in recent years. Can be used for a variety of goods packaging, as well as poor transport conditions of export long-distance transport packaging. Plywood thickness is 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and other specifications. There are two kinds of steel belt wooden cases: steel belt cases with pallets; The other is a steel belt box without a tray. Compared with traditional wooden packing boxes, it has the characteristics of convenient disassembly and reliable connection: the products can be stored and transported after folding, and the steel side connection is adopted, which greatly reduces the transportation cost and effectively saves the storage space. More suitable for less than 2 tons of packaging. It is the best choice for long-term transportation and long-term storage. Generally, the box can be divided into six pieces for easy transportation and reassembly during use. The side length is generally about 300-2000 mm.

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