Custom Unfinished Round Soft Wood Birch Bark Handmade Cheese Cake Packaging Box for Gift

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Strong and durable, good stacking performance No fumigation/heat treatment: the products are made of plywood, fiberboard or particleboard, which are treated by high temperature and high pressure sterilization. It has the characteristics of no fumigation, no disinfection, no moth, and no fumigation, heat treatment and other complicated procedures, saving your time, labor and material costs. High-grade and beautiful appearance: the surface of the box is bright and clean, and the surface is smooth and flat. Convenient to print graphics and text in the box, improve the product grade and image. Nailless strip is a fumigation-free wooden packing box made of multi-layer plywood connected by galvanized steel. Enclosed wooden cases that can be assembled or disassembled on site, which provide customers with many important benefits: 1. For the packing cases currently used by customers, if they are replaced with steel belt boxes, the cost per case can be reduced by 5%. According to the annual packing fee of 10 million yuan, it can save the cost of 500,000 yuan for customers every year. 2. More stable safety performance ensures the integrity of customer acceptance. The principle of steel belt box is that the whole box is stressed. The inspection - free wooden case will not loosen, whether assembled or transported. At the same time, avoid the manual packaging of nails lost, nails exposed, lack of nails, rough process, dust, rain, improper structural treatment, transport process box collision caused by the framework loose and other problems, improve the safety of product transportation, ensure the integrity of customers when receiving goods. 3. Greatly improved packaging image, product and corporate image. At present, the inspection free wooden cases, steel belt boxes are internationally recognized high-grade packaging products, reflects the brand image of your company, but also opened the distance between the peer! 4. Greatly reduce the cost of customer management, because the steel belt box is easy to assemble, the material consumption belongs to the standard material in the specification, whether it is quality inspection or on-site management will save a lot of working time!

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