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Production process and advantages of steel belt wooden case: The inspection free steel belt wooden cases will be cut into the required sizes: wooden base plate, wooden square column (planed wooden block and plywood square column according to customer needs), wooden box foot, wooden box front and back panels, wooden box left and right panels. If plywood larger than 9mm is to be cut, the cut surface of the plywood edge is at a 45 degree Angle because the plywood's 90 degree Angle band better connects the two plywood panels. Steel belt production: purchase a set of equipment specially for the production of wooden box steel belt. Suitable steel belts can be produced according to the external dimensions of wooden cases. The size of the steel belt can be adjusted, and the tongue holes on both sides of the steel belt can be adjusted. The width of the steel belt depends on the size of the wooden case. The total width is 42.5 mm. It is used for wooden cases with length and width greater than 1.2m and width 36 mm. Assembly of steel belt wooden case: first install steel belt, press wood belt on the bottom plate of wooden case tray, then combine square column and foot bar on the bottom plate with iron nail to make pallet, and then press steel belt and belt buckle on the surrounding plate and cover plate by pressing machine, usually assembled into wooden case after being sent to the site. The steel belt with round holes can be used directly on the steel belt without tongue and can be used in wooden cases and is not detachable. The product has a series of advantages such as reliable connection, beautiful appearance, reusability, light weight and inspection free wooden case, easy to load and unload. Inspection - free wooden cases are widely used abroad for packing export products.

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