Antique Wooden Book Box with Linen Printing Covered

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No fumigation/heat treatment: the products are made of plywood, fiberboard or particleboard, which are treated by high temperature and high pressure sterilization. It has the characteristics of no fumigation, no disinfection, no moth, and no fumigation, heat treatment and other complicated procedures, saving your time, labor and material costs. High-grade and beautiful appearance: the surface of the box is bright and clean, and the surface is smooth and flat. Convenient to print graphics and text in the box, improve the product grade and image. Packed in wooden cases Wooden box packaging in the loading and unloading process also has great flexibility, in order to facilitate forklift operation, the bottom of the wooden box has very standard forklift position, in the goods transport loading and unloading can protect your equipment. At the same time, the wooden cases can be printed with graphic text to enhance the company image and easy to understand the goods. It can not only pack single navigation products in wooden cases, but also can pack commodities in different batches, which reflects the flexibility of quantity.The number of the cover plate is two, the buckle cover on the two box mouth of the square box body, and the nail connection part. All side plates, top plate and bottom plate of the body of the wooden box are fixedly connected through corner fixers. The wooden box of the utility model is easy to assemble and disassemble, thus solving the technical problems that the traditional wooden box is not easy to assemble and disassemble. Detachable steel belt pressing machine, convenient transportation, beautiful appearance, stable and durable after pressing, can be exported to China, especially export, without inspection and quarantine, can be directly exported, the most characteristic is steel belt wooden box it is fully sealed, suitable for precision instruments, valuable electronic and electrical, telecommunications equipment and pharmaceutical industry, etc., And cost-effective general sterilized wooden cases and general structural plywood wooden cases are more competitive.

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